Animal Programs

Each week animals in the Earthplace teaching collection are brought into the classrooms to share with the children. Children learn about the Earthplace snakes, cockroaches, bunnies, toads, ferrets, guinea pigs, and other animals and insects. We have the children wash their hands after touching the animals.

The Animal Hall staff are the teachers who share the animals with the children. Depending on the age level of the class they may talk about what they eat, how the senses that the animals use are similar to humans, what their skeleton looks like, if they are a mammal, reptile or amphibian, and/or how we take care of them here at Earthplace.

The goals of our animal interactions are for the children to increase their knowledge about the animals, to engender an ethic of kindness toward all of the creatures that share the earth with us, and to introduce the idea that caring for and treating animals in a kind manner is connected to caring for and treating our friends in a similar manner.