Earthplace Preschool Policies and Procedures


Change of clothes for Chickadees and Hummingbirds
Chickadees are asked to bring a change of clothes in a backpack every day they attend school. Please include diapers and wipes. Hummingbirds require a complete change of clothing to be left in school. Please include socks. Place in a clear ziplock type plastic bag clearly labeled with your child's name. If your child is still in diapers or pull-ups, please provide extras along with wipes. Please let your child’s teachers know if your child is in transition from diapers to pull-ups or to underpants. For the Woodpeckers and the Falcons we use a change of clothes from our own supply.

Play clothes
We will be working with paint and other messy materials. Even with smocks (which we provide) children still get paint and glue on them. Please send children in clothing that is appropriate for active play and learning.

STURDY SHOES or SNEAKERS WITH SOCKS are the most appropriate footwear for preschool. Our playground and trails are lined with woodchips, which makes it uncomfortable to play or hike in sandals. Because the children are active on the playground, and/or trails and gym time every day, we ask that children not come to school in crocs, sandals, clogs, jellies, cowboy or cowgirl boots, platform shoes, or water shoes.  We want them to feel free to run, jump, and play in a safe manner.

Outdoor play clothes
Since we try to get outdoors whenever we can,  play clothes are the order of the day, and any clothing that the children can handle on their own promotes independence and a sense of accomplishment. 

In the winter we ask that families send appropriate clothing for outdoor play, including snow pants, boots, warm jacket, hat, and mittens. Please label all of your child’s clothing. The children do not always recognize their hats, mittens, jackets, boots, etc. when the seasons have just changed. We prefer that children wear mittens because they are easier for them to manage than gloves. And please remember, if your child does not come dressed in his/ her snowsuit, please bring it in a canvas, mesh, or vinyl bag. We do not think that it is safe to have plastic bags in the classroom and they are not allowed in the Chickadees classroom in accordance with licensing standards.

Our school has extra clothes 
We do have some extra clothes at school, such as jackets, mittens, socks, underwear, shirts, and pants, so we can help the children if they need to either get warmer in the winter or dress a bit cooler in the summer. This also helps when children get wet when playing in the water table or get paint on them during an art activity!