Code of Conduct

For Parents, Caregivers, Volunteers, & Visitors

At Earthplace, our goals are to promote positive relationships between all children and adults; to encourage each child’s sense of individual worth and belonging as part of a community; and to foster each child’s ability to contribute as a responsible community member. With that in mind, we have developed a Code of Conduct for all adults in our programs including, parents, caregivers, volunteers, and visitors to ensure that we act as role models for our students. At all times, on Earthplace property and inside the building, children under 12 must be directly supervised by a parent or adult caregiver.
The Earthplace Preschool Code of Conduct reads:

Please Do:

  • Treat others with respect and dignity regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, disability, or any other ground.

  • Protect the privacy and confidentiality of our parents, guardians, teachers.

  • Share all concerns and comments with the teachers first before speaking to the Director.

  • Understand that it is the parents’ responsibility to share this code of conduct with all caregivers, babysitters, or nannies.

  • Understand that during school hours, Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM, the Preschool playgrounds are for school use only.

  • Understand that once you have signed your child out of class, you must vacate all preschool spaces including classrooms and playgrounds. The new Nature’s Playground is for public use.

  • Respect our animals and their enclosures.

  • Use the Earthplace building in a respectful manner.

  • Change diapers only in designated areas with a changing table.

  • Consume food and beverages in the cafe area only, and please dispose of all trash.

  • Encourage children to follow the safety rules of our school while in the public spaces such as Natureplace and the Animal Hall:

    Stay with your adult
    Use walking feet
    Use quiet voices
    Keep shoes on

  • Care for people and property with kindness and respect.

  • Be safe in the building and in the parking lot.

Please Refrain From:

  • All forms of corporal punishment
  • Inappropriate behavior or harassment of any kind towards a student, parent/guardian, or teacher
  • Inappropriate behavior includes but is not limited to harassment or intimidation by written note, email, words, gestures and/or body language.
  • Using inappropriate language or displaying aggressive or threatening behavior toward staff, children, or other parents while in view of our students or anywhere on our premises.
  • Verbal attacks on other children and/or staff, which include racial or other discriminatory slurs, the use of threats, name-calling, as well as repeated profane or degrading language. Individuals engaging in such behavior will be asked to leave the premises immediately.
  • Discussing sensitive issues within earshot of children
  • Attempting to pick up your child if you are impaired by alcohol or other substances
  • Allowing children to engage in unsafe behavior while in your care
  • Unsafe behavior includes:

Running inside the building
Using very loud voices inside the building
Climbing on furniture
Jumping off of furniture
Being removed from adult supervision
Playing or running in the parking lot or on top of cars

Breach of this Code of Conduct:

  • Will result in immediate intervention up to and including the family’s expulsion from the building or from any school programs including preschool, after school, summer camp, and field trips.
  • May result in a temporary closure of public spaces including Natureplace and the Animal Hall
  • May result in the call for police involvement.

If an incident should occur in which the parent/guardian breaches the Earthplace Preschool Code of Conduct, the parent/guardian will be given written notice warning them of their inappropriate behavior. The second infraction will result in a written notice of immediate withdrawal. Certain serious infractions will result in immediate withdrawal from any and all programs under the Earthplace Preschool license without prior warning including:

  • Preschool
  • After School Enrichment Programs for preschool and school-age children
  • Summer Camp