Earthplace Preschool Policies and Procedures

Dismissal Policy

At dismissal time a teacher shares some of the highlights of the day. What animals came to visit? What new song did we sing in the classroom? Did we venture out onto a new trail? What was the reaction of the children to a new snack item?

  • The Chickadees (Twos) classes dismiss from their classroom at 12:00 pm or if they stay for Lunch Club, at 1:00 pm.

  • The Hummingbirds (Threes) and Woodpeckers (Fours) classes dismiss from the front of the building. Parents or other authorized adults wait outside the building at 1:00 pm. Hummingbirds wait inside with teachers to be called one by one; Woodpeckers come out to sit on the benches.

  • Falcons (Fives) dismiss from their classroom at 1:00 pm.

  • Robins (Threes and Fours)  dismiss from the hallway by the animal hall. Parents or other authorized adults wait outside the classroom at 1:00 pm. The children will then be called one at a time to be dismissed.

  • Preschool After School Enrichment Program (PASEP) dismisses from the Hummingbirds and Woodpeckers classrooms at 3:00 pm or 6:00 pm.  Please check in at the visitor's service desk before picking up your child because they may be outside or on a trail walk.

  • A teacher has the adult sign the child out on our sign-out sheet. This means that one child at a time, from each class, will be called and dismissed to an authorized person.

  • If you wish to pick up your child at an earlier time, we ask that you come to the preschool office, and the class will be radioed, in the event that they are out on a trail or on the playground. Please let us know at the beginning of the day if you know that you will be picking up early, and we can plan accordingly.

  • Anyone who comes to our school to pick up a child, including the child’s mother, father, grandparent, other relatives, babysitter, nanny, or family friend MUST have their photo identification with them. If we have not met this person before we will check the information to verify that it is consistent with the information that you gave us authorizing someone other then yourself to pick up your child.

  • After parking your car in the lot, please walk to the building and meet your child at the dismissal location. Please do not park in the fire zone. The fire marshal and the police consider this a fire safety zone and will ticket those who park there.

These procedures are for the safety of the children and for a smooth dismissal. Please remember that traffic safety is a priority on Earthplace grounds. Speed limits into and out of our parking lot must be observed (15 mph).

Dismissal Forms

Emergency authorization release information

This information is required by the State of Connecticut and is now a part of the Student Record Form that is filled out when you enroll your child  at Earthplace.  At least one local contact name must be listed on the emergency portion of the form. These are people we could call if a child became ill, and we were unable to contact the families. 

Some children may be picked up regularly by other adults. Please include these names on the portion of the Student Record Form that is the emergency authorization pick-up portion. We ask that families  introduce us to nannies or grandparents who will be picking up on a regular basis. If any of the authorized people should change during the school year, we ask that families inform us in writing on a new form that your classroom will have available.

Updating the emergency authorization release information
If you want your child to go home with a classmate’s parent, or anyone other than the people on your original emergency form, we need authorization in writing. Please fill out the Earthplace Authorized Release Form (also available in the preschool office). It must be signed by a parent in ink, dated, and should specify who is going to pick up your child.

These authorization forms may be used to designate someone to pick up your child on a specific day or as a change or addition to the original form. 

Please bring the form to the preschool office. Here we make a copy of the form if it is a permanent change. We then add this to the child’s permanent file and we put a copy in the class notebook and the Lunch Club or PASEP notebook.

If we do not know the person who is picking up your child, we will ask to see his or her photo identification (driver’s license).

Parents out of town
Also, we ask that parents let the teachers know in advance when your child will be in the care of another adult, should both parents be going out of town or out of the country. We will need a note that explains who you have designated to be your child’s caretaker.