Curriculum - Falcons

The new Falcons  class is designed for children who will turn five by the end of December. We will continue to use the Preschool Curriculum Framework to guide our work with this class. The Curriculum guide is no longer available online because the Office of Early Childhood is designing a ELDS (Early Learning Development Standards). In the assessment guide associated with this curriculum, the developmental continuum is designed to go from 2 1/2 years to 6 years. The goal for this class is to support the children in mastering the final benchmarks for each performance standard. Click here for a link to the flip chart version of the benchmarks.

This program focuses on getting children ready for kindergarten while adhering to the school's mission of educating the children about nature and the environment. The Falcons classroom includes a rotating variety of centers to encourage learning. The curriculum focuses on the whole child and includes child and teacher directed activities planned to encourage the development of each child's physical, cognitive, creative, social, and personal development. A special emphasis is be placed on literacy, math, and problem solving.

All of the resources of Earthplace are utilized, including the indoor and outdoor animal collection, the hiking trails, Natureplace, and the wooden playground.  The class participates in the weekly animal visits to the classroom and the bi-monthly gym and music programs.