Earthplace Preschool Food Safety Policy

Earthplace Preschool adheres to the State of CT Statutes and Regulations for food safety listed above.


  • Any food with expired dates will be discarded immediately. 
  • For children of any age with special feeding needs, we record the type and quantity of the food the child consumes on a form and share information with the child’s family. 
  • For infants, we record each feeding using the Tadpoles Application. This information is also shared with each child’s family. 
  • Breast milk must be labeled with the infant’s full name and the date that the milk was expressed.
  • Any unfinished formula or breast milk must be discarded after one hour.
  • All fruits and vegetables must be washed prior to serving.
  • When microwaving food for children, do not use plastic or polystyrene containers, plates, or bags.