Our School History


Earthplace was founded in 1958 and opened in 1961 as the Mid-Fairfield County Youth Museum. The Nursery School was founded and licensed by the State Department of Health in 1967 as a early childhood program of the museum with a focus on "exploring our world and the world of nature."

The school began as a small program with just two morning classes. Mrs. Donna Weiss helped create the school and was its director for 12 years from its founding until 1979. The other original teacher was Mrs. Carole Rubenstein, who served as its next director for the remainder of her 35-year tenure. As the community's needs grew and changed so did the school.  In the early 1990's an addition to the  building was made to increase the flexibility of class offerings. Included in this addition were what we now call our Hummingbirds and Woodpeckers classrooms. Over the decades enrollment grew to include morning and afternoon classes for two-, three- and four-year-olds.  A fives program was added in 2012.

In 2002 Laurie Linton became the Nursery School Director, at that time bringing with her 24 of years of experience working in early childhood both as a classroom teacher and director. 

Because of the longevity, philosoph,y and dedication to quality of our school we have been forturnate to create lasting relationships with families resulting in multiple generations of children attending the school. Additonally, we are fortunate to have teachers who have dedicated upwards of 20 years to our school and children.