A Child-Centered and Nature-Oriented Approach 

The educators at Earthplace believe that childrens' natural curiosity motivates them to explore and investigate both the classroom and outdoor environments. The classrooms are set up to include a rotating variety of centers to encourage this self-directed learning.  Outdoors the students play on the nature-themed playground, walk on the trails, investigate the 72-acre wildlife sanctuary and visit the Outdoor Birds of Prey.  Animals in the Earthplace teaching collection are brought into the classrooms each week by the naturalists.  Music classes, conducted by professional music teachers, and gym classes, led by Earthplace Preschool teachers, are also part of the curriculum on alternating weeks.

The children meet special community visitors such as a firefighter, police officer, dental hygienist, veterinarian, and nurse.  The children construct sculptures, create play dough, "cook" food, sing songs, listen to stories, learn numbers and letters, socialize, and make new friends.

We are also committed to parent support and education. We offer a number of seminars and parent chats throughout the year to help you better understand and guide your children’s development.

Learning centers:

Creative art area
Blocks, trucks and accessories
Dramatic play and dress-up area
Kitchen and home center
Library center
Science center
Sensory table (water, sand, cornmeal, paper, etc.)
Writing center

Outdoor activities include:

Ball play
Building with tree blocks
Chalk drawing 
Dramatic play
Gardening, raking, and wheelbarrows
Group games, both child- and teacher-directed
Sand, dirt, and water play
Swings and slides
Tricycles and ride-on toys
Trail walks and investigations of the field, swamp, stream, vernal poo,l and pond
Log rolling to look for insects, snakes, and salamanders
Observing the insects, deer, squirrels, chipmunks, and turkeys that live on the property
Visiting the Outdoor Birds of Prey Exhibit