Earthplace Preschool Policies and Procedures

Lunch box suggestions

Because we sponsor a lunch program, the State of Connecticut has asked us to recommend a nutritious lunch for your children. We want to make Lunch Club a happy, successful experience for your child. Over the years we have found that there are a few guidelines that help with this process:

Lunch Club Food Update: Previously we had asked that children not bring peanuts, peanut butter, or peanut products to Lunch Club. We are extending this to include tree nut products such as Nutella, other hazelnut products, and almond butter. Sunflower butter and soy nut butter are fine. If you send either of these please label them.


  • Please use an insulated lunch box with ice pack. (The use of ice packs is a State regulation that must be adhered to.) Please do not send a plastic or paper bag.
  • Please send utensils and napkins with your child’s lunch each day.

Suggested foods:

Half a sandwich
Apples or oranges cut in sections
Applesauce cups
Chips or crackers in a baggy (a few works better than a whole bag of chips or crackers)
Cold cuts:  Rolled, on a sandwich, or cut into bite-size pieces according to each child's chewing and swallowing capability
Cookies (one or two; not a full bag)
Dry cereal
Juice boxes and small drinkable yogurts with straws
Drinks in a thermos
Yogurt in a cup with a spoon
Soy butter
Sunflower butter
Veggies (if carrots, sliced thinly)
Water: Bottled or in a thermos

Please remember to pack all items in ready-to-eat condition. For example, if your child likes to eat oranges in sections, peel the orange and divide it in sections before packing it. If he/she prefers bite-size pieces, please cut it up at home. Single-serving, ready-to-eat, child-appropriate portions in easy-to-open containers will give your child the opportunity to develop confidence through self-sufficiency.

Please ... no!
The following foods are either not developmentally appropriate for children to handle in a group situation and/or can pose a choking hazard: This is based on the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Asscociation for the Education of Young Children.

Almond butter
Carrots (unless sliced thinly)
Glass containers
Grapes (unless cut in half)
Hard pretzels
Hot dogs (unless cut lengthwise)
Large pieces of meat (unless cut into bite-size pieces)
Peanut butter
Peas - raw
Yogurt- squeezable
“Sippy” cups: We have found that Lunch Club is a safe place to have children transition to using small cups. Many local speech therapists have advised us to promote using cups at school.