Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Training 

Parents of Children With Special Needs: IEP Training

IEP training will be provided by Peggy Bud, certified and licensed speech/language pathologist who provides targeted Effective Communication support for families of special needs students. Through training sessions and individual coaching she develops her clients’ communication skills, ensuring that their message is clearly understood and remembered.
*Childcare will be provided in our PASEP classrooms. Pre-Registration is required so that we may provide adequate staffing.

Earthplace Preschool Policies and Procedures

Building Security and Safety

Earthplace Preschool is located in Earthplace, The Nature Discovery Center. The Center is open to members and the paying public on a daily basis. The playground is not open to members or the paying public when school is in session. Members or the paying public may visit Natureplace, view the indoor and/or outdoor animals, and walk on the trails when the Center is open. 

Because of the public nature of the Center, the entrance doors to the preschool classrooms from the playground and the Lunch Club hallway are kept locked at all times. The teachers have access to the rooms by key. Please come to the prechool office or the front desk when you wish to pick up early or visit your child’s classroom.

Teachers have walkie-talkies and phones in their classrooms and can communicate with each other, the preschool office, and main office at all times. The walkie-talkies also go with the teachers when they are on the playground and on a trail walk. The front desk staff is able to call each room and make building-wide announcements.