Earthplace Preschool Policies and Procedures

Special Needs

When the school and/or the family of a child has concerns that a child needs special attention for developmental or other reasons, a series of steps in which the family and the school work together are followed. Sometimes the family brings their concern to us before school begins or during the first fall conference. At other times it is the teacher who realizes during the assessment process that is linked with our curriculum that a child may need special resource attention. We share this information with the family and then work toward getting the help that together we think is necessary.

The preschool staff  helps the family to identify and contact the necessary resources in the community. This could include further screening and assessment and contact with public and private special education programs. This is handled in a sensitive, supportive, confidential manner. Documentation will be provided with an explanation for the concern, and suggested next steps with information for resources will be included.  Teachers meet with and work with whomever the parent selects to guide them in working with their child. This could include the public school system or private agencies. If an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is developed through the public school system, the teachers will work with the specialists to provide the plan in the classroom.