Earthplace Preschool Policies and Procedures

Becoming Comfortable at School

For many children, starting preschool is their first big step away from parents and home. Some children need to separate by initially developing a relationship with the teacher. Others may need to find other children or materials that they are comfortable playing with before the parent leaves. Then there are those children who will really not get started until their parents have left the room. We work with all of the different separating styles. Saying goodbye once is a good technique for a parent. This communicates to the children that you trust the teachers to take good care of them. In some cases the teacher will ring the bell and say that it is time to have a meeting. She will have everyone say goodbye to all of the parents. These are your child's first steps towards becoming an independent, happy individual. We will collaborate with each family to make this a successful and positive experience.

Home Visits: To help the transition process we offer Home Visits in August. A teacher from the child's class contacts the family to see if they would like a brief visit from one of the teachers. This is the beginning of building a relationship between the child and one of the adults that they will be in school with all year.

Open House Day: On the Friday before school begins each child visits the classroom with a parent and spends an hour beginning the acclimation process to the room, other children and teachers.

First Day of School: With all of the classes we do try having the children separate from their parents. Our Parent Organization has coffee in the front lobby for anyone who would like to stay for a while. We do ask that all Twos' parents remain in the building until the teacher has reported how the children are doing. With the Twos we do put a fourth teacher in the classroom to help with the transition during the first few weeks. In some case we may do this in a Juniors class as well.