There are three scheduling options for two-year-olds:  
8:45 AM to 12:00 PM Tuesday/Thursday, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, or Monday through Friday. Children must be two years old by September 30th of the school year in which they attend. The Chickadees class consists of two groups with six to eight children in each group.  Each group has two teachers and the ratio of staff to students is 1 to 4.
Benefits of the class structure:  
  • Children entering the program in the fall will have the opportunity to become comfortable with their peers, thus decreasing the impact of the transition to school and away from home.
  • This will help to reduce anxiety and allow children to be more emotionally in control. The small group and  teacher to child ratio of 1:4 will allow for direct and intentional interactions with the children.
  • The classroom and daily activities will be set up in a way so that all children will have full use of the entire classroom.  For example, when one group is outside, the other children can engage in water play or cooking projects inside the classroom.  
  • Activity stations will be set up on both sides of the room, and allow children to rotate through the various activities.
  • Children will have greater opportunity for socialization. Within each group, a smaller pool of children will allow each child to make new friends and feel more comfortable in the newly forming relationships; yet, over the school year, when the groups have the chance to intermingle, the children will have opportunity for new friendships to emerge and form in a more manageable way.


  • Children in the Chickadees class who turn three between  January 1st and July 1st may attend the Robins class or the Hummingbirds class depending on their developmental needs.  
  • Children in the Chickadees class who turn three after July 1st may attend the Hummingbirds class.


Children in the Chickadees program may also sign up to stay for Lunch Club until 1:00 pm. This may be done on a permanent or flexible basis. (Click here for more information and registration.)